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OPEC has shown unusual discipline in sticking to production cuts in the first half of 2017. We asked traders, will OPEC extend cuts beyond June in the face of increases in U.S. shale production and what would that mean for price.
We asked our contributors, " Where has your insight paid off in the markets over the last 18 months?"
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To get a better sense of what the presidential election will mean for the stock market, we asked traders, Will equity markets correct this fall and how will it affect election?
After the Brexit bash, global markets are trying to steady themselves as the historic shockwaves of the Brexit vote will continue to cause unease in global markets. We asked traders for their input on what a Brexit really means and what's next.
We asked traders, "Crude oil has been extremely volatile since dropping 60% in 2014 and swinging 10% in weekly gyrations. Is the low in?"
The United States is producing more crude oil today than it has in over a decade. Exports on coal, natural gas and gasoline are legal. So why, given these factors, is the ban on crude exports still in place? Should the United States lift its ban on crude oil exports?
Entrepreneur James Altucher shares the lessons he learned from his chaotic life as a day trader.
It seems as though 2015 has been the year of potential interest rate hikes.
We asked traders, is the Chinese stock market decline simply a correction or the beginning of a crash?