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The liquidity found in foreign exchange markets allows for more trading opportunities than many other markets, which is why Conor O’Mara, investment director at Three Rock Capital, has more than 50% of exposure in forex.
When the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) bought the New York Board of Trade in 2006, David Martin understood that his floor trading days were numbered and began to prepare for life as an electronic trader—and eventually as a money manager.
David and James Hamman launched their fundamental Livestock and Grains Program in March of 2010 but it really was decades in the making.
Lee Stern technically started his career in sports prior to trading as he took a job with the Chicago Cubs after leaving the army in 1947. That job did not last long...
Dever says he’d actually prefer if people disagree with his trading methods—it’s what gives him an edge.
Thomas Stridsman has written about trading and worked at one of the most successful quantitative trading shops. Now he is applying what he has learned.
Sean Pan and Ken Fu were high school buddies in China; they both came to the United States to study and find work in the energy field before coming back together to form Houston-based commodity trading advisor Pan Capital Management.
Chad Burlet and Bob Otter became friends when Burlet directed the cash/futures convergence trade for Cargill and Otter executed Cargill’s soybean trades on the floor of the CBOT. More than 30 years later that friendship turned into a partnership leading to the creation of Third Street Ag in 2012.