After staging a strong recovery on Wednesday, U.S. equity markets are poised to open in the green once again on Thursday as investors temporarily shrug off trade war fears.
There are lots of questions that need be answered in the markets this week, chief among them being the short-term outlook for equity indices.
The bearish case for gold continues as fresh new bearish confirmations have just emerged. You have already read about gold’s huge weekly volume, gold stocks’ underperformance and many other factors.
After yesterday’s sizeable drop on Wall Street, which saw the Dow plunge over 350 points from its high to the low, U.S. index futures have bounced back strongly.
Oil prices edged lower on Wednesday ahead of data that will shed light on U.S. crude inventories after an industry report indicated a surprise build in fuel stocks, underscoring the persistence of global oversupply.
U.S. household wealth has hit record levels. U.S. stock prices recently hit all-time highs. Inflation is nearing the Federal Reserve's 2.0 % goal, and the world economy including the once-sick Eurozone has skirted the risk of a deep new downturn.
Global stocks hit record highs on Wednesday, topping 2016's gains just two months into 2017, while the dollar rose before Federal Reserve minutes that will be scoured for clues about the next U.S. interest rate rise.
Commodity investors have had to endure a dry spell for a while now, but those days are starting to look as if they might be behind us.
Stocks, the dollar and bond yields all drifted lower on Monday as investors cashed in on some of their recent bets that the anticipated fiscal boost from the incoming Trump administration will support riskier assets at the expense of bonds.
All of those ongoing overnight and morning highs stopping short of each other—with a couple of shallow afternoon bounces, too—were building the bullishness from a contrarian perspective.