DOT, the native token of the Polkadot Network, added as much as USD~8B to its market cap following news the network is due to launch ‘Parachain Auctions’ on November 11.
Recent significant NFT-related funding rounds reflect the significant interest in the new medium. Today we review notable NFT raises and metrics.
Ultimately, the success of El Salvador’s BTC adoption is a milestone moment for BTC and a story where successes and failures will be judged over the long term.
On Friday, Ethereum suffered a chain split due to a bug in the Geth (Go Ethereum) Client software seemingly being exploited by an unknown actor. ETH saw new intraday highs following the critical event.
NFT marketplace OpenSea recorded all-time high daily users, volume, and transactions on Tuesday. We highlight notable transactions that have taken place since the resurgence of NFTs this summer.
Ethereum scaling protocol and framework Polygon has acquired fellow scaling tech provider Hermez Network. The deal will also involve a merge of the 2 networks’ native tokens.
Last week, the Polygon network published a revised version of an Ethereum upgrade scheduled for next month. The proposed change highlights the coordination challenges of frequent network upgrades.
On Saturday, BTC’s Taproot upgrade received enough support from miners, locking in its implementation for November. According to its supporters, Taproot enables a range of innovations related to BTC-based smart contracts and scaling.
Over the weekend, a Reuters article on Ethereum made reference to the network’s scaling challenges, while research firm Bernstein highlighted “execution risk” related to upgrades in a May research report.
Ethereum Classic (ETC) added roughly USD 8.6 billion to its market cap over the past week. The move is despite major technical issues faced by the network over the past year that’s typical of recent alt-coin action with little fundamental justification.