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Feeling the necessity to trade isn’t good for your performance, period. 
All of those ongoing overnight and morning highs stopping short of each other—with a couple of shallow afternoon bounces, too—were building the bullishness from a contrarian perspective.
Thursday stock market rally indicates that Wednesday's bearish price action didn't mark the end of the bull run.
Major indexes posted small gains Thursday, but none surpassed intraday and new short- to intermediate-term highs reached Wednesday.
Robert McCurtain reviews the current technical condition of the stock market and updates the CPFL and MAAD indicators.
Look for crude to have a short sell-off on Friday before resuming its current upward momentum back above $110
Daily technical analysis of energies, metals, currencies and stock indexes by Parrish Hicks Capital Research
NDH has not only held above its 10-day moving average every day since mid-December, it has only touched it once on closes
Chesapeake Energy is seeking to reduce long-term debt from $10.6 billion at year-end 2011 to no more $9.5 billion at year-end 2012
A look at the major economic reports and company earnings releases for the upcoming week.