Mid-day update...Target met, and held.
Bond bears recently discovered that conventional wisdom was flawed. The experts expecting higher yields at the start of a tapering regime never understood the difference, but equity traders did once they got over the shock.
The CFMA meant different things to different groups and to the Futures Industry Association and the large bank future commission merchants that had come to dominate its leadership, it meant the potential of delinking clearing from exchanges.
The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 was welcome legislation for the futures industry; recognizing its growth, value and maturity over the previous several decades.
The 500th issue represents a faithful compendium of these milestone events. Our 500th issue is a tribute to Commodities magazine creator Edgar Lofton's vision.
We selected the most significant covers from 500 issues of Commodities and Futures magazine.
For those not familiar with how the futures industry works, these markets are often lopped into the vast derivatives universe. Sandor’s book “Good Derivatives,” goes far in describing the vital uses of futures and distinguishing them from the mass of OTC products that contributed to our recent financial meltdown.
Leo has been generous with his time over the years; here are some of the important interviews and stories featuring Mr. Melamed.
In touching on our various anniversary issues we pointed out highlights like our interview with Richard Dennis, perhaps the first all-star futures trader, in the first issue of Futures magazine.