Gold Continues To March Higher

May 21, 2021 11:30 AM
Gold Market Update

Gold Market Update

The gold trade seems to be a little too easy recently, incrementally working its way higher since putting in a low of $1,677.30 on March 31st. Is gold finally behaving the way one would expect in an inflationary environment? Who cares? Go with the trend! 

Use the chart and track the U.S. Dollar. I fully expect the rally in gold to continue, even as I would expect that the Treasury yields in the 10-Year notes to rise. The shock of the sharp rise in rates is over. There’s been a necessary pause and much debate about rising rates and the prospects of inflation; inflation is real and gold likes inflation. Gold shouldn’t have too much difficulty breaking out above $1,900, especially as the Dollar looks capable of testing .8900.

So, yes, it looks like an easy trade right now. It’s a friendly trend. Remember the adage, “Don’t confuse a bull market for genius.” More importantly, remember to practice good risk management when trading commodity futures. Use options or stop loss orders. Work with a professional.

I’m bullish metals and commodities in general, as we have too many dollars chasing too few goods. Gold is assuming the leadership role once again. Keep it simple!

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About the Author

Frank Cholly has 35 years of commodity industry experience. He spent 20 years on the CBOT trading floor.