The Super Bowl DJIA fractal forecast

October 8, 2015 09:07 AM

Every February, we publish the February Forecast for Fun Fest

I usually offer a wide range of fun forecasting models, including Chinese Astrology, the Super Bowl Indicator, and of course our Fractal Forecast models. The Super Bowl indicator and the Fractal Forecast models have proven to be very accurate. The Super Bowl indicator has correctly forecast whether the Stock Market would close higher or lower each year about 80% of the time.

In the February 2015 Astro-Trend letter, I mentioned that I was experimenting with taking the Super Bowl indicator a step further. Perhaps the Super Bowl game is an analog or Fractal for the coming year. I would measure this by tracking the net score during the course of the game. Keep in mind that almost all Fractal models are prone to inverting. Please see below the scoring pattern of the 2015 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks, with the actual DJIA daily prices, as of the August 25, 2015 close, overlaid.

The red line represents the Seahawks, who were supposed to represent the NFC and therefore the stock market bulls and the green line is the New England Patriots who represented the AFC and therefore the stock market bears. The forecast chart has been inverted. Please note how the forecast was about two weeks early for a May peak. This forecast model is now indicating that the Stock Market may be near an important low.

Given that this model was two weeks early in May, I would add two weeks to the forecasted date of September 26 to see if this is a valid forecast. This would project to about October 10, which is within one day of the largest major planetary cluster of the month.

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Norm Winski has been trading professionally for more than 40 years, including 12 years of experience as a member of the CBOE and CBOT. The Aug. 1991 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine named Norm Winski a “certified technical genius.” He publishes the acclaimed “Astro Trend Newsletter,” which has been in publication since 1978. You can find him at or e-mail him at