Well, that was a crazy trading month. We take a look at what was working and not working in the month of August.
Trader technique using volatility and CBOE VIX futures to pinpoint trade execution in long butterfly S&P 500 options spread.
Cboe Global Markets Inc. (Cboe: CBOE | Nasdaq: CBOE), one of the world's largest exchange-holding companies, today announced its Board of Directors has declared an increased quarterly cash dividend of $0.31 per share of common stock for the third quarter of 2018, representing a 15% increase compared with the prior quarter's dividend of $0.27 per share, and increased its share repurchase authorization by $100 million.
Last week at this time we were working on a high that hit at the beginning of the window and, indeed, patterns started to roll over. NFLX had a terrible earnings report and got crushed in the aftermarket last Monday night. That’s fair enough. But on Tuesday it put in what is called a bullish belt hold. That’s where it gaps down but the end of the gap turns out to be the low for the day. Lots of stocks put in green bars that day. In terms of psychology, bears had to wonder if they’d ever get a break.
Volatility trading is the term used to describe trading the velocity of movement in price of an underlying instrument rather than the direction of price. For example, you could trade the value of an equity index, but volatility trading typically means trading the expected velocity of movement.
While I called this the “Trade-of-the-Year”, the lower 2nd target would need to print and do so near May-June for the researched options expiration mentioned for traders continuing the euro ride
Are you sad to see April go? I’m not because April showers usually lead to May flowers. Am I in the Twilight Zone or did I actually see the two leaders of the Koreas hug this week? That’s incredible. If you think about it, how many times have I come here in the past year warning about some geopolitical problem on the peninsula that could blow up the stock market?
Pre-signals for a reversal rally higher in the S&P 500 emerged in related symbols’ charts today. Also, some reversal candles exist intraday below my projected weekly reversal zones/lows. Do be aware of trending S&P pivots’ opposition to reversals for this entire week and that no S&P 500 signals exist yet.
A letter from CBOE on the VIX
Last week we had one of the better jobs reports in recent memory with 313,000 new jobs in February in the United States. More important was the reaction as traders overlooked the potential for rates to rise. It was likely a given already as Powell warned they would do so. Nevertheless, the long bond maintained the low and the relief for longer-term rates has sustained since Feb. 21.