Trading system

Once testing a prospective trading strategy is complete, there are additional steps to assess its viability before risking real cash.
Many traders pour their hearts and souls into a trading system, only to discover it does not work in real time, with real money. Here are a few of the more common, and easily fixable, mistakes traders make.
Developers are rewriting trading software to take advantage of new multicore hardware technology. Here’s why this matters to your bottom line.
Murray Ruggiero explores enhancing an already successful trading system with neural nets, while understanding their limitations.
Here we integrating money management techniques and performing Monte Carlo analysis as the final test on a new trading system.
Citigroup Inc. has started an electronic bond-trading service as Wall Street firms seek to help clients buy and sell debts among themselves.
Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. bought a 25 percent stake in The Order Machine, a Dutch trading system for stocks and equity derivatives.
In this second of a two-part series, we integrate the MAAD line indicator into a stock market trading system
Using support and resistance lines with candlestick charts to create polarity lines and better trading signals.
Dealing with real-world issues such as money management and taxes