Trading Strategies

Once you've tried forex algo trading, you'll may never go back to traditional trading. Before you incorporate algorithms into your forex trading strategy, it's important to understand what makes a good algorithm.
Many traders tend to exhaust themselves, disproportionately focusing on their outcomes. Here's why traders should focus more on what they can control, the process, and less on what they can’t control, the outcome.
A market profile poor high indicates that a market has been forcibly prevented from moving higher and that the auctioning process hasn’t been completed. This has recently happened in WTI Crude Oil futures, specifically within the price range of $43.22-$43.28.
At NeuroStreet Trading Academy, we believe the best approach is to break the learning path down into frameworks. We use a 4-step framework to allow traders to learn in a linear way. 
With the advent of MBO, people are getting excited about using some of the new information in their trading. In this recorded webinar, Jigsaw Trading took a few steps back and examined the underlying activity of order flow to ensure we put icebergs and stop run info in the right context.
The volume profile has become a popular and fundamental tool among order flow traders. This article describes its terms, characteristics and ways to interpret the various shapes.
In their quest to make money from the futures markets, few traders stop to think and ask themselves a fundamental question, “Why do futures and commodity prices move?”
When traders set their futures price levels, they are commonly looking for either a trade reversal or a trade breakout. Predatory traders will watch these levels too. A “head-fake” is a common term given to a market that appears to breakout but then falls back into the range.
In this article, we’ll discuss the use of market levels in futures trading and how to trade-off key support and resistance levels.
We emphasize to our traders that sometimes you’re able to receive breaking trading news from Twitter tweets and worldwide news networks before the trading squawk boxes and financial news television report the story.