U.S. chicken and pork exports could benefit from continued problems this year; FOR live cattle, The general adage is that we get two limited rallies each winter due to storms/cold weather.
Monday's higher finish in wholesale pork makes it three days in a row of gains. We have not had a three day gain since Aug. 11 to 13. New highs for the uptrend in futures were reached again Monday. Cattle futures broke down and filled that gap left from Friday's trade.
There is still an issue with the cash pork/cash hog pricing right now.
The Monday 2 p.m. Cold Storage report found a little more pork than expected: 599.932 million pounds of pork was found in the nation's frozen warehouses at the end of July.
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Cattle traders were a bit surprised by Monday's 2.47 drop for choice and 4.13 decline for select. We saw some support come in last week for cash hogs but not yet pork.

Futures were lower as the U.S.

The World Trade Organization again sided with Canada and Mexico in their complaint against our Country of Origin Labeling law.
In the U.S., the country that made the hamburger a global icon of American fast-food cuisine, beef is about to fall another spot on the meat scale.
We just had a strong rally, which continued into yesterday, on this cold snap. Officially this cold snap has about ended.