Fed meeting

The U.S. dollar turned positive against a number of foreign currencies after opening the new week lower. There wasn’t any news out to support it.
The least anticipated Fed meeting has concluded as the U.S. Presidential election has narrowed. A Trump victory would cause volatility in the markets and the markets would selloff.
Fed failed to tighten rates in September but made a clear sign that tightening will likely occur in December. This announcement takes pressure off the market.
Modern Trader magazine's Editor in Chief Dan Collins talks about how the Fed funds futures show little chance of any upcoming tightening even as far out as January 2017. Fed officials continue to hint towards a tightening, which brings confusion to the market.
Market remains in sideways range since Brexit vote. Jobs number will cause a break out or break down.
Dan Collins, Editor in Chief at Modern Trader magazine discusses good economic news and good jobs numbers: Are we in store for a tightening?

Markets went on another rollercoaster ride on Tuesday as hopes that big oil producers may start tightening supply drove crude oil prices higher and pulled stocks out of a worldwide dive that includ

The short term Fed funds interest rate was raised by 25 points and remains well accepted globally. The U.S. crude oil ban was lifted.