Bear market

During yesterday’s session, silver moved back and forth in a volatile manner on volume that was the highest since April 2013.
Time is more important than price. That’s what we - investors – are often made to believe regarding the future price movement. And rightfully so about the gold price.
Al Brooks provides bar-by-bar analysis on a five-minute chart of the previous day’s prices action in the E-mini S&P 500. This is his analysis for Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016.
After an extremely volatile week, traders are no doubt feeling a bit apprehensive about the future. After all, global stocks have now entered a “bear market.”

World stock market losses are approaching $8 trillion so far this year and investors last week poured the most money into government bond funds in a year, suggesting they fear the global economy co

Post-open Review... Don't even think about it.

Opening blip-up snaps back down into plunge.

Stocks around the globe were pummeled again last week.  

In my previous article yesterday I tried to stress the importance of getting to the sidelines before gold begins the final decline into its eight-year cycle low. Today I’m going to show you what I think is in store and why.
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to appear on Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense Newshour radio program and discuss the state of the gold market.
Everyone knows that this has been a devastating bear market for the gold mining sector. If you have followed our work you know that it is the second worst cyclical bear market in at least 80 years.