A market profile poor high indicates that a market has been forcibly prevented from moving higher and that the auctioning process hasn’t been completed. This has recently happened in WTI Crude Oil futures, specifically within the price range of $43.22-$43.28.
NYSE Arca said on Tuesday that all systems were functioning normally after a technical issue in the prior session prevented some symbols from completing a closing auction.

CFTC will lay out requirements for testing and supervising automated algorithms to ensure they can be stopped in emergencies.

The U.S. Treasury Department postponed sales of three- and six-month bills, citing a problem that occurred during testing.
Treasury 10-year note yields rose to a three-week high as the U.S. prepared to sell $72 billion of debt this week with the jobs market showing signs of recovery.
Treasuries fell, pushing 10-year yields to the highest in five weeks, before the U.S. sells $29 billion in seven-year notes.