Trading Techniques

Financial regulation has been shaped by financial crises, but the effects of this can be seen in some markets more than others.
Timing trades is often the difference between profit and loss. Here’s how to manage your entries and exits as part of a price action trading program.
Early morning trading is often viewed as “dangerous” because of a lack of liquidity at that time of day. Here, we help dispel that myth.
As a trader, I’ve learned a lot over the years and if there’s 1 piece of advice I can offer, it’s this: always be prepared for the unexpected.
Trading in the eye of the storm can be risky, but since volatility can pop up like a summer squall, traders need a plan to navigate stormy markets.
By mid-March 2018, rhetoric regarding trade relations between the United States and China began to heat up. President Trump started this earlier in the year with an announcement of steel and aluminum tariffs. Later he focused more on China and Chinese officials responded in kind. The heated-up rhetoric seemed to be capable of starting a serious trade war in which each country would boost tariffs that would raise the cost of the other nation’s exported products.
In this first of a series of articles on trading cryptocurrencies, we discuss the basics of crypto and the blockchain technology behind them.
E.S.C. Coppock introduced the indicator in Barron’s in October 1965. The goal of this indicator is to identify long-term buying opportunities in the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Index. The signal is very simple. Coppock used monthly data to identify buying opportunities when the indicator moved from negative territory to positive territory.
Financial Technology (Fintech) refers to the technologies used and applied in the financial services sector. During the last decade, due to technological innovations, fintech firms are disrupting traditional financial services sectors in retail banking, investment, mobile payments, loans, fund-raising and asset management. Fintech is also changing customer behavior and expectations as they are now able to access data and information anywhere and everywhere.
Weather players have had a field day with prices this winter, driving up option premiums. With seasonal fundamentals now set to kick in, the table looks set for put writers.