The unwavering uptrend in stocks in the last few years may be seeing disruption with the return of volatility in 2018. Institutional and retail investors are looking for various gauges to measure the effect of volatility and how that’s trending in the coming quarters. Most analysts think there may be more upside and opportunities to come this year even with (or perhaps because of) the emergence of geopolitical issues.
With Brazilian “Flowering” season wrapping up, the coffee market braces for record production.
We delve into the complex world of Arima-Garch trading models and detail what it takes to test and optimize your strategy.
Social media is no longer just a social phenomenon, it is a large and growing market sector. Social media stocks can be exciting and profitable to trade, but require more analysis to separate the wheat from the chaff. Three charts, covering eleven stocks over the period November 2016 through October 2017, will show the different characteristics of each stock – supporting conclusions for those that might provide profitable trading opportunities and others that should probably be avoided.
Trader wisdom on trading opening gaps in stocks and S&P 500 futures. But the best trades are during the earnings season, it is common to see a 5% or 10% move before the opening, which can either throw off a trade or enhance it.

There are 40 quarterly contracts available for trading three-month Eurodollar interest rates futures.

The Ultimate Oscillator is a momentum oscillator developed by Larry Williams in 1976 designed to capture momentum across three different time frames.

Atlantic Hurricanes, Mexican earthquakes, North Korean missiles, OPEC cuts production and adheres to it; all with the heating season on the way.

One of the biggest mistakes for traders is to assign current equity market moves to whatever is leading the news cycle.

Chart patterns look at the big picture to identify signs of future price movements.