In January 2015, WTI crude oil futures broke below its long-term trendline that dated back to the 1998 low of $10.65 per barrel after an eight-month sell-off that took crude from above $100 per barrel to below $50. On the last trading day of January 2015, crude oil rallied close to $3 in the last hour of trading to settle above that long-term trendline. We made a note of it at the time, which seemed to confirm the importance of this level.
The explosive increase in the value of bitcoin is the talk of the trading world.
An issue during the 2016 Presidential Campaign was whether Donald Trump would release his past tax returns.
In a white paper released in February, Kaspersky Lab noted that financial cybercriminals have shifted their focus from attacks against the private users of online banking, e-shops and payment systems, to attacks on the infrastructure of large organizations: banks and payment processing systems, along with retailers, hotels and other businesses.
WTI crude oil has recently broken above its long-term trendline, which it initially breached in January 2015, but still has been clinging to it at month end.
President Donald Trump has already roiled markets on several occasions, usually in under 140 characters, and has shown that he has impulse control issues.

A recent story in Bloomberg suggested that a strong negative correlation between the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency and the health of the Mexican peso. 

The Global X Social Media Index exchange traded fund (SOCL) provides investors access to Social Media companies from around the world.

The spreads for the highest prices stocks can be as much as five times greater on a percent basis than their lower-priced counterparts.
Few companies or stocks have been as well-regarded over the last decade as Apple (AAPL).