After the Bell

Picking winners in major league baseball in the era of extended playoffs can be difficult. Most handicappers have a good idea who the best teams will be, and if you fall into that category, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you win your division or enter as a wildcard.
Investor Warren Buffet famously advised, “Be greedy when people are fearful, and fearful when people are greedy.” Many investors say the safest and most potentially profitable assets to buy are the ones that nobody likes. This is a mistake. Classic cars are negatively correlated to downward moves in the major indexes, as evidenced during the crisis of 2008 to 2011, so performance is driven by a contrarian view. Buy the asset everyone loves, and love the assets you own.

Since 1981, has been conducting highly-organized, expert blind tastings at their Chicago-based tasting suite.

As daily observers of all market sectors, MODERN TRADER often chronicles the evolution of the business of music, particularly in the context of publicly traded entertainment companies and the soon-to-be public music industry disruptors.
The first Burning Man festival was held in 1986. “The Burn” has since grown to 70,000 attendees as the essential annual mecca for performing artists, cultural iconoclasts, and Silicon Valley icons gathering in Black Rock City—a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

Business Insider has been reporting on the unusual trading activity of a mystery trader who placed a profitable short equity bet to the tune of $21 million on the Aug.

In "Big Money Thinks Small," thirty-six-year veteran fund manager Joel Tillinghast shows investors successful stock market investing in this informative manual.
I don’t need an excuse to enjoy rare scotch whiskies, but news that The Macallan and Baptiste & Bottle, a bar located in the Conrad Chicago, had joined forces to create a virtual reality cocktail experience provided some intriguing editorial cover.
In April, a collection of Macallan single malt whiskies set a new world record price for any lot of whisky sold at auction, selling for more than $993,000.