About Us

Modern Trader Media was formed by trading and alternative investment industry veterans to create the ultimate financial information network for active traders and the alternative investment industry. In 2019 Modern Trader Media acquired the foundation for this network—the iconic 40+ year-old Futures Magazine, and 14+ year-old FINalternatives.

  • Futures Magazine
    We are a community of staff writers and freelancers sharing unique ideas and insights on the financial markets. Our mission is to create and deliver unique best-in-class financial content to make the world’s investors and traders smarter and more informed. Futures Magazine is a source of cutting-edge news, idea research, and market analysis on the commodity, futures, stock and crypto markets. 
  • FINalternatives
    We are a group of staff writers sharing unique ideas and insights on the hedge fund, venture capital and alternative investment industry. Our mission is to deliver industry information and strategies for portfolio managers and high-net-worth investors. FINalternatives is a source of informed news, industry information, market analysis and investment strategies for the myriad of alternative investment classes.