October 2013

Cover Story

Dan Dicker: How electronic trading changed (ruined) crude oil prices

Cover Story

Off Topic with Dan Dicker

Editor's Note

Nothing crude about it

Forex Trader

Looking at forex through five-minute prisms

Options Strategy

Capturing upside on energy volatility with a butterfly spread


USA: Energy producer for the world?

Technology & Trading

Computerized technical analysis: History lessons

Trading Techniques

Got volatility? Use OTC markets as a guide to arbitrage

Is it a bubble or bull market?

Taking a long-term view on commodities

Using options to trade with measured-move targets

Trading 101

Game theory: 8 games for traders

Managed Money

Is your fund business and governance ready?

Trader Profile

Protec: Hedging and speculating, a winning team

Book Reviews

Architects of Electronic Trading

Evolution of a Trader