March 2018

Cover Story

Alternative Data: A New Source of Alpha

Opening Bell

Alternative Data: The best of technicals & fundamentals

Cover Story

Fishing With Alternative Data

Bucketing Alternative Data

How I Use Alternative Data: An Institutional Trader’s Perspective

A Picture can be Worth a Thousand Ticks

YipitData: Alternative Datasets for Traders

Quantifying Alternative Data Alpha Opportunities

The Sell Side of Alternative Data

Estimize: A Crowdsourced User Case Study

M Science with Michael Marrale, CEO

Market Analysis

Trading Text & Sentiment Analysis

Become a Doji master


Crude, yield curve & coffee-sugar reversals


Is the flight to quality (stock/bond) reversal imminent?


CytomX has been triggered

Bullish coffee technicals are highly caffeinated


CHKP: Out with the old tech


Options as stop orders


EUR/USD pain trade could bite twice


Spin-offs continue to deliver


Small caps could win big on tax cuts


Tax cuts healthy for biotech

Fed Funds

New Year, New Fed, New Challenges

Industry Trends

Oil prices have limited upside

Trader Profile

Trading the S&P from a 3D perspective

Closing Tick

A new stage for bad actors

Trading Calendar

March: Turning season

After the Bell

Classic cars make great investment vehicles