June 2014

Cover Story

Investing with the Trend: A Rule-Based Approach to Money Management

Cover Story

More bull less alts: Is history repeating?

Off Topic with Lee Partridge

Editor's Note

Rebranding may not be the answer

Forex Trader

Bitcoin: Currency or commodity?

Options Strategy

Sell a straddle prior to the announcement


Big crop year expected: Will 2014 deliver?

Trading Techniques

Shakeouts and breakouts

Capturing aluminum’s embedded call option

Trading price breaks with moving averages

Ups and downs of Eurodollars and the Fed

Cyber Security: What’s worse, the threat or cure?

Technology & Trading

The long, winding tale of high-frequency systematic trading

Trading 101

Old crop, new crop, corn crop, bean crop

Managed Money

Commodities: It’s what’s for diversification

Trader Profile

Rollinger: Commodities beat all

Book Reviews

Kirkpatrick’s Investment and Trading Strategies