June 01, 2012

Cover Story

Steve DeCook: Fundamentally sound

Editor's Note

Di(a)mon(d) no more

Forex Trader

Currencies and correlations

Options Strategy

The hit-and-run covered call

Trader Profile

KeyQuant: Not your typical trend-follower


ICE to list cash-settled grains

Call for independent counsel in MF Global probe

LME board weighing bids

CME members get extension

Chartview: One more option(s exchange)

Provinces list conditions for TMX sale

Trading Techniques

Trading stocks with triangles

Using options to exploit anomalies in the grain complex

It’s not witchcraft, it’s Fibonacci

Market jumps and the discontinuity phenomenon

Technology & Trading

Managing portfolio risk with Leverage Space


Will the US swim in corn and search for beans?

Trading 101

Greeks: The what, why and how of options pricing

Industry Trends

Why the swaps market will follow the repo model

Managed Money

Get your hedge funds here, don’t delay!

Market Analysis

Oil tapping out

U.S. 10-year Treasuries grinding higher

Gold melting in Eurozone heat