July/August 2014

Cover Story

10 events that molded trading in the 20th century

Editor's Note

500 issues of Commodities/Futures

Real talk on alternative investments, business & finance

Forex Trader

Which Nordic currency is heading south?

Options Strategy

Use these options strategies to protect yourself

Market Analysis

In search of the ‘new normal’ at the Fed


Stocks and bonds get untracked

Trading Techniques

Price action trading: The basics

Profiting in summer grain markets: A professional approach

Building a trading strategy involves more than testing and optimization

Nasdaq 100 smiles during market frowns

Cover Story

Looking forward to the next trading revolution

The time was right

A historical flash back with Leo Melamed

Technology & Trading

Mastering technology

Industry Trends

New customer protection rules have landed: Are you ready?

Bitcoin and Online Poker: The intersection between gambling and speculation

Trader Profile

Dever is no jackass

New For Traders

This IPO Could Change Sports and Investing Forever…


The Alpha Pages Interview: Senator Rand Paul

More Q&A with Senator Rand Paul

Hedge Funds

Will liquid alts’ performance sustain future asset flows?