February 2014

Cover Story

Futures industry: A story of crisis and opportunity

Editor's Note

Time to innovate

Forex Trader

Inflation and yen: A 2014 guide

Options Strategy

A bear call spread offers several ways to profit

Market Analysis

Unwinding quantitative easing and beyond


The New World of energy

Trading Techniques

Fibonacci expansion: A better way to time price targets

Trading under pressure with on-balance volume

The natural gas economy is a long-term play

Profiting with covered calls

Industry Trends

Who's looking out for the little guy? Apparently not exchange or regulators in 2013

Tops & Bottoms of 2013

10 most influential people and events of 2013

Trading 101

The cost of trading

Trader Profile

Pan and Fu: Fundamental quants

Book Reviews

Trading Systems and Methods + Website

The Law of Vibration: The Revelation of William D. Gann

Technology & Trading

Building a better profit-catching mouse trap