August 2017

Cover Story

Heavy lifting on Capitol Hill: Republicans turn to tax reform

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JC Parets is technically bullish on this new bull market

Cover Story

J. Peterman is pitching this IPO

Modern Trader’s readers grade presidents Obama & Trump…

Bid & Ask

Steve Forbes: The medium and the message

Paper Trade

Options Strategies for trading soybeans, record yield or not


The Sidewinder Trading Method


Pulse Bioscience: High-voltage hype set to short circuit


Trump bump or dump?


GS: Anticipating the swap bump

RGEN: Healthcare's best technical play

Banks to reverse Trump trade; High vol ahead

Bond bull won’t go away

CARS - TEGNA = 23% upside

Rail play

Forex Trader

Using word clouds to predict forex moves

Bar Charts

The last great malts

After the Bell

From straddles to paddles

Liquid markets: Featuring The Scotch Guy

Trading Techniques

Reading Between the Lines: Trading with Envelopes

Trader's Tech

Predictive market modeling in R Language


Crabel: Long-term profits from short-term trading


MF Global is gone, but Corzine may return


Do MT readers care about Trump’s taxes?

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August: Dog days of Dow

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Face it Paris partisans, the climate agreement was a shakedown