April 2018

Cover Story

A Crude New Day

Cover Story

Crude Oil Price Inflection Points

Top Recommendations from the Top Energy Analysts

Saudi Aramco IPO Would Be Huge

Nike’s Fashology & the Future of Fitness

Market Exuberance, the Value of Cryptocurrencies & Faith in Millennials

Opening Bell

Crude breakout

Book Reviews

Saudi Inc.: The Arabian Kingdom’s Pursuit of Profit and Power


Volatility & opportunity in the energy sector


Grains & energies at tipping point; euros screaming ‘sell’


Ecopetrol: A bullish outlook

NOV: A pick & shovel play

Buy Side

Halliburton is positioned for crude production growth


Sell Kodak: Should be gone in a flash

COP: High-cost producer in competitive energy field

Trader Profile

Van Essen: An old trader’s new trick


Energy as a proxy


The problem with synchronized global growth

Trading Calendar

April: End of the bullish season


Why the dollar/crude negative relationship has changed


Altice USA – Altice NV = 45% upside


The best way to profit on higher oil prices... Spoiler alert: Buy oil


Bullish crude call spreads

Paper Trade

Swing Trading Commodities with the COT

Trading Techniques

COT Conflict is Bullish Beans

Trading Oil & Energy Chart Patterns

Bear or Bull, There is Crude Money to be Made in 2018

Trading Vertical Option Spreads

Closing Tick

Is Trump ready to embark on a trade war?