Top 3 Questions About Hedge Funds

June 14, 2019 02:00 PM
Hedge Fund Questions

Hedge Fund Questions

#1Will hedge funds still exist in 30 years and will the computers and coding take over?


Having worked in top layer of that field for most of my life, and having watched the effect that technology has had on it, I’d say two things.

First, yes, there will still be hedge funds, though not nearly as many. Returns have consistently fallen and consolidated in fewer firms while tech was brought in. Those trends will continue.

Second, as much as you think you want to ‘have a hedge fund’, you probably don’t. There is almost certainly a very big gap between what you think a hedge fund does and what a successful hedge fund really does. You probably won’t really know what that is until you’re done with your bachelors degree, gotten your MBA, been through a big bank training program and gotten some experience in the capital markets.


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