Exchange shorts

DB1 repurchased 109,382 shares during the last week and 294,965 since Nov. 27 within the framework of its ongoing share buy-back program.

BME received authorization from CNMV to provide Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) and Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) services in compliance with MiFID II and MiFIR requirements.

Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT): Beijing-based Seven Stars Cloud Group acquired a 27% stake in the Delaware Board of Trade. DBOT is licensed by the SEC and uses blockchain technology, according to Seven Stars Cloud Group.

JSE today delayed the opening of the equity market's trading session due to technical issues.
HKEX: Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges are expected to surpass HKEX in the number of listings and proceeds in 2018, according to EY. Faster listing approval process and strong demand from investors expected next year will help mainland exchanges surpass HKEX.

China’s yuan-denominated oil futures will have trouble drawing foreign oil producers and traders as China doesn't trust its own markets, and routinely intervenes them; according to Nathaniel Taplin. Reported by The Wall Street Journal.