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October 18, 2017 02:10 PM
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Hillary Clinton in her new book What Happened,  an account of semi-truths and misconceptions of reality by the former first lady and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate. Clinton – to the horror of Democrats about to hit the campaign trail – is out on a book tour once again blaming everyone and everything except herself and her lack of policy ideas for her failure to win the 2016 election. This is rich considering that she was so confident that she’d win the election that the Clinton’s purchased a house next door to their residence in New York to house White House staff.

In the quote below, Clinton is carving knives for Sen. Bernie Sanders all the while referencing the movie “There’s Something About Mary.” 

She brings us back to the scene in the movie where the hitchhiker proposes “seven minute abs” in which the stranger argues that he will make immense amounts of money by shaving a minute off “Eight Minute Abs.” She argues that every time she pitched an idea for the economy, Sanders would one up her with the same idea --- only bigger.

Of course, to get the reference, you’d have to remember anything about “There’s Something About Mary.”

That’s a quote from Reuters in a story on the embattled Socialists’ effort to ditch the petrodollar from international markets. Some are predicting that Venezuela is part of a broader effort to destabilize the U.S. dollar and untie it from the global energy trade. 

The irony is Venezuela is attempting to pull away from one of the most stable currencies on the planet at a time that inflation is well into the triple digits. Rather than dollarizing, a concept that could help stave off total collapse, Nicolas Maduro continues to prove he is completely inept when it comes to economics. 

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is sorry that his company is bad at what it does. 

 When it comes to completely screwing the American public, look no further than the idiocy of modern credit reporting networks. 

We’re living at the height of technological advancements, but our government still forces Americans to identify themselves with nine-digit social security numbers and our birth dates. Meanwhile, we have three credit reporting agencies that few Americans even understand. And while you might not want to know it, both your social security number and other vital information about you is for sale right now on the dark web. 

The entire structure of getting credit with easy-to-steal data points dates back to the 1930s, much like our retirement, banking and Social Security laws. So, add that to the list of crap for Washington to hold meetings over in the next few weeks and then fail to resolve. 

You cannot opt out of Equifax tracking you and collecting your data. When identity thieves steal your information, banks and credit reporting companies like Equifax make you have to prove yourself innocent in a process that can take years. Congress needs to let a new system emerge.

Why is Bitcoin trading above $4,000? 

Because no one wants to put up with identity theft on unsecure, centralized systems run by companies who clearly don’t care about their customers’ security. 

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