How America Tips

Survey findings…

• While men and women are equally likely to tip restaurant servers, men say they’re more generous, the survey shows. 59% of men say they leave a tip that exceeds 15% of the bill, versus just 47%of women.

• While 94% of whites say they tip their restaurant servers all or most of the time; 82% of Hispanics and 78% of blacks say the same. Whites were twice as likely to say they typically leave a tip that exceeds 15% of the total bill.

• The Northeast dominates when it comes to the amount diners tend to tip in restaurants, with 62% leaving a tip that exceeds 15 % of the bill. Next most generous is the Midwest (57%), followed by the West (51%) and the South (46%).

• In general, the older you are, the larger the tip you will leave in a restaurant. Young millennials (ages 18-26) leave a median tip of 16% of the bill, Generation Xers report a median of 18% of the bill, and the number rises to 20% for baby boomers.

• About 9 in 10 of those who pay with plastic say they always tip the wait staff, compared to only 76% of those who plunk down cash.

• 60% of those who pay with plastic say their tip usually exceeds 15% of the bill, versus 45% of cash payers.

• Republicans and independents are the big tippers. The poll found that 57% of independents and 59% of Republicans typically leave an average restaurant tip that exceeds 15% of the bill. Only 46% of Democrats could say the same.

The survey was created by and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International polling 1,002 adults living in the continental United States.
Conducted June 22-25, 2017.