Morning Mash

What's Happening Today:

  • US based futures are once again pointing to a lower opening this morning following a continuation in the rise of global volatility.  The most recent commentary from global leaders including President Trump has continued to fuel anxiety with respect to the North Korean situation. The 10-year yield in the US is now below the 2.20% handle as the price of precious metals rises specifically in Gold, Silver, and Platinum.  International yields have also dropped on the most recent geopolitical concerns including the 10-year UK Gilt and German Bund.
  • This morning's CPI data is on the heels of yesterday's lower than expected headline number for the PPI.  While expectations are for an increase for the headline figure, economists must weigh the CPI and PPI outcomes with the dual mandates of the FOMC.
  • The most recent volatility in Crude oil continues as energy traders await the Baker Hughes Rig Count this afternoon, as one of indications of the US based producer levels.