Thanks to cannabis and some great artists, the party begins early this week at Modern Trader

We are thrilled to announce that Modern Trader magazine was just notified to be nominated finalists for two awards from the prestigious Magazine Industry Newsletter (min) Award Committee...

  • An editorial award for the BEST SINGLE MAGAZINE ISSUE for our January 2017 The Issue with Cannabis (sporting the tagline...Separating the weed from the chaff since 1972). Click this link for a free look at the nominated issue.
  • a design award for the BEST ILLUSTRATED COVER DESIGN PORTFOLIO honoring the excellent cover collaborations between our art direction and editorial team and some very talented illustrators. See our cover portfolio here.

For the Best Single Issue award, we are up against The Economist, and for the Best Illustrated Cover Portfolio award, we are up against AARP magazine.

Speaking of old economists, our next issue of Modern Trader features an exclusive tax reform debate with the nation's most prominent economists, including Grover Norquist, Austen Goolsbee, Steven Moore, Bill Gale, Laurence Kotlikoff & a special 70th birthday interview with flat-tax reform advocate, Steve Forbes!


Earlier this year Modern Trader was named Best Business Magazine of the Year by the Niche Magazine Awards.

Congratulations to the entire team at Modern Trader for your continued streak of industry recognition and awards for editorial and design achievements!

Jeff Joseph, Publisher, Modern Trader

Which cover do you like best?...