Hublot's trader timepiece

June 18, 2016 09:00 AM

As successful traders take advantage of global opportunities, they look for any edge they can find to make the best trades. Sometimes any advantage will do, including being able to easily identify which markets are open for trading at a particular time — just by glancing at your watch. 

Hublot’s King Power Unico King Cash timepiece is the “Cash is King” watch that’s made for business travelers and traders too.

The major global stock exchanges are now featured on your wrist thanks to a unique chronograph watch equipped with a Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) function that provides the time in different time zones to help you figure out when certain markets are open for trading. 

Hublot’s King Power Unico King Cash timepiece is smooth and sleek with its 48 mm diameter round carbon fiber case with black ceramic satin finish bezel and black rubber molding with some of the major stock exchanges/markets engraved on it. 

Benchmark indexes featured on the face of this $33,000 watch include the U.S. Dow Jones Index, FTSE 100 (United Kingdom), CAC 40 (France) and Micex Index (Russia). Also, markets from Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the Hong Kong Exchange are featured. 

The face features the names of the stock exchanges/markets lacquered in green with satin-finished rhodium-plated hands with a green luminescent light.

The smartly-named King Cash is using an expert set of four rotating aluminum discs controlled by a push-button housed in the case’s middle at 2 o’clock, which allows the discs to be simultaneously positioned, allowing the time in the exchange cities to appear instantly.

With a power reserve of 70 hours, the King Cash is an innovative piece with an original way of implementing the world time function, especially in relation to the financial world.

The now famed Unico, manufacturer of chronograph movement — entirely developed and manufactured in-house by Hublot — has undergone its first ever evolution with the self-winding GMT movement function.   

With an elegant, practical and functional design, the King Power King Cash features a dial that is easy to read despite the wealth of indications it displays. The dial is a matt black skeleton and the strap is an adjustable articulated black rubber strap. The clasp is a micro-blasted black PVD titanium deploying buckle, capped in micro-blasted black PVD titanium. The King Cash is water resistance to approximately 100 meters.

The Hublot brand was born to create a break from conformity, according to the company. The Hublot porthole-based watch line is instantly recognizable by the 12 screws around the bezel, which not only act as hour markers, but also accentuate the naval theme. The unique case designs also were fused with unique straps. Instead of traditional metals or leather, Hublot turned heads by connecting rubber straps to their precious-metal watch cases. The rubber is not only unique, it is also flexible, corrosion abrasion and sweat resistant, and of course, waterproof. This avant-garde decision in the 1980s is now a staple among other Swiss brands. 

So, if international trading is your game—this is the watch for you.

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