Real talk on alternative investments, business & finance

“Real talk on alternative investments, business & finance”­—that’s where we’re going with The Alpha Pages.

Alternative investing is hardly a new concept. 

The first hedge fund was launched in 1949 and, 30 years later, Futures magazine was already publishing annual alternative-themed issues featuring the merits and pitfalls of investments in rare stamps, books, coins, diamonds and collectibles. These early, uncomplicated alternatives were nice topics to explore every now and then, long before the increasingly frequent appearance of black swans, high-frequency trading and global financial crises changed the public’s perception of the conventional wisdom underpinning traditional “buy and hold” investing.

With industry assets under management currently estimated at $10 trillion, the alternative investment world now encompasses a dizzying range of asset classes, trading strategies, derivatives and opportunity sets that are as arcane and sophisticated as the technologies that spawned them. From the acute algorithms of seasoned alpha-hunters to the bad actors promising big returns, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and it’s getting harder to understand the real profit potential. 

The launch of The Alpha Pages acknowledges this ever-expanding universe of unique, exotic and alternative investments to fixed income and publicly traded equities. The Alpha Pages will uncover the best and worst of the alternative investment industry, providing actionable data, insightful analysis and pointed commentary on issues that keep investors up at night. 

That’s what we mean by “real talk”.

Combining print and online publications creates a continuous dialogue for this specialty audience. The Alpha Pages is your central source­—24 hours a day, seven days a week—for honest insight on the alternatives industry. This is powered by our recent acquisition of leading global hedge fund news site FinAlternatives, the Futures magazine team and our tireless contributing writers that has come online to address a true need for real talk and debate on issues surrounding this industry.

To kick off our inaugural issue of The Alpha Pages, we are extremely pleased to present our interview with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. We recognize that his voice mirrors the nature of alternative investments: unique, non-traditional and uncorrelated to the partisan chatter that dominates today’s political environment. Whether you agree or disagree with his positions, he challenges the status quo and offers new approaches to our nation’s societal issues and financial problems.

At its debut, The Alpha Pages is the by-product of inspired collaboration and perspiration. 

We are thrilled to get this first issue out to you—and we hope you enjoy it.


Jeff Joseph @alphapagesceo