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'Hundred days' is a ‘fake’ metric

It is not just U.S. President Donald Trump who is being held to the standard that was set by the aggressive actions of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the opening phase of his first term...

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Fintech Exchange 2017: Heavy on data

The third annual Fintech Exchange (FTX17), held Thursday, April 27, brought together the leaders of many of the United State’s largest and fastest-growing Fintech companies. This year’s conference...

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Market Analysis

Crude oil: was that just a dead-cat bounce?

Crude oil prices recovered from sharp losses on Thursday, with Brent ending the day higher and WTI flat. Both oil contracts saw some follow-through in buying momentum earlier today. However, at the...

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10 key questions for 50 fintech disruptors

Fintech is no longer a buzzword, it is the financial sector that is delivering change to the world of finance. Here is what top fintech leaders see for the future.

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10 key questions for 50 fintech disruptors